We can represent you during the system design, contract negotiations, installation and servicing, training and system commissioning of your low voltage solutions. We have over 20 years of experience in the system integration world. I will be your technical representative during the confusing process of implementing your new or existing low voltage security or life safety systems.

Who has your best interests?

Security systems are becoming more and more complex. As the industry swings  towards the digital/IP services. Security companies just haven’t kept up with technology. The old days of a simple point A to point B wired system are going away. The newer more complex systems require a knowledge of networks, infrastructure, IP solutions, computers, servers, power backups and complex software solutions.


Who is representing you when designing and implementing the installation of your system.

The salesman- Their job is to sell you as much as he can, that directly benefits his employer. By designing systems poorly up front knowing they can hit you with costly change orders during the installation process. Gets you signed into complicated long term contracts with proprietary equipment. Companies have deals with manufactures to sell you the latest and greatest with the best profit margins, not the system that best suits your needs. Our design and review process helps eliminate costly change orders.

The builder or construction manager- They are there to get the job finished on time and on budget. Items are usually over looked or short cuts taken to facilitate an on time completion, hoping you will not catch it until their warranty period is over and it’s not their problem anymore. Our project quality control program stops those shortcuts and ensures you get the system you're paying for.

The Electrician- The electrical companies are poorly equipped to handle the complexities of today’s security systems. By default they are usually given the work by the builder and then sub-contract to a security company. Unfortunately the security company has no interest in helping you, only completing the project and getting paid. We can offer on the job training and work along with your electrician to make sure the system is done correctly. Do you see a ground fault alarm constantly? That is a typical issue on a system not wired correctly.


System Design

Installation Supervision

Project Management

System Commissioning

System Training

Quality Assurance Testing

Contract Negotiation

End User Training

Technician Vetting

Integrator Selection

ID Badging

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