Security Systems

Our fully customized security system will help protect your home and business from losses due to theft and or robbery. Our systems are designed to fit your needs not some cookie cutter system that is forced to fit your situation. We offer 24 hour central station monitoring at an affordable rate. Our system can be utilized to provide automation such as light control and temperature control.

Access Control

Are you tired of employees losing keys. Are you worried about employee time theft. Our systems allow for electronic control for opening doors, time clock functions, guard tour systems and key watcher systems. Employees are given a keyfob or access card/badge that is recorded by the system. This allows you to run reports on entry and exit times. Once employee is terminated that fob or card can then be turned off to prevent access to the facility.

Fire Alarm

We provide the latest electronic fire protection equipment to meet your needs as well as AHJ's and other code enforment officers. We offer 24 hour central station monitoring for fast emergency service response. Our fire inspections ensure your system is working properly and meets NFPA 72 annual inspection requirements.

Surveillance (CCTV)

Surveillance systems provide a cost effective way to manage your business when you're not there. CCTV systems help deter theft, prevent slip and fall claims and monitor foot traffic into your facility. Our systems come with remote monitoring on your computer, phone or tablet at no additional charge so you can watch anywhere you have internet access. Your site must have a active internet connection for remote viewing to work. We provide both IP and analog systems.

We can install and maintain small network systems. A typical system may include IP cameras and NVRs for recording video. We also provide local support for remote service providers for hardware replacement and work station adds.

Point of Sale (POS)

Our expandable POS systems are designed to grow as you grow. 

Touch screen registers


POS software

Local service to remote providers.