Pro's and Cons of cloud based security products.

Be very cautious when dealing with security companies looking to sell you on cloud based services. Who benefits the most? The Integrator. First they get a steady recurring monthly income. Second it makes the switch to another provider much more difficult. Third they can easily sell you upgrades that they markup with out providing much additional costs to them. Services you may see are access control systems and surveillance systems that utilize remote servers and video recording and processing. Video recording can utilize large portions of storage make sure you weigh your options of a local NVR as opposed to a remote NVR.

What is the cloud? Basically it is someone else's computers located off your premises and not really under your control. This can have great benefits but it also has drawbacks.


  1. You must be connected to an outside internet connection. Although this is managed via encryption and other point to point setting. They are very susceptible to attacks, like the recent DOS attacks that brought the internet to a crawl. This would limit your access to your system.

  2. High monthly costs. Although the up-front costs are low, you will most likely be paying high monthly rates for them to maintain the servers,storage and bandwidth.

  3. Tied to the service provider who installed your system. Are you looking to switch Integrators. Be-careful because they are the gateway to your data. Make sure your contract states what happens to your data if you part ways. Is it transferable to a new provider. Who owns the archives and backups. How is the data purged on a terminated contract.

  4. You have limited control of your server and data. You only have access to it when they let you.


  1. Lower up-front costs since you are not purchasing hardware or operating systems the installation bill should reflect that.

  2. The system is maintained by qualified technicians in a secure climate controlled facility. Always ask questions on who and where your data is sent.

  3. Automatic Backups. Ask how often the system is backed up. How much storage you are allotted.

  4. Remote login and control

10 Questions to ask:

  1. Who owns the data stored on the remote servers?

  2. How much storage space are you allotted and how much is additional storage?

  3. How is the transfer of data handled if integrators are changed?

  4. How long until data is purged? What are the criteria for purging data?

  5. How do I communicate with my system if we lose connectivity to the remote server?

  6. Who and where is the data being sent to?

  7. What is the monthly fees for all the services?

  8. What security procedures are in place to protect your data?

  9. What is the policy on the data if the contract is terminated?

  10. When remoting in, is the service web based or a vpn connection?

At EDJ Fire & Security LLC. we provide Quality Control Supervision, Project Management, System Design, Integrator Selection and System Commissioning on low voltage systems. Contact us for further details.


Eric Jordan 704-299-6967

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