Sample Quality Control Inspection Result

This is a sample from an existing report for a new apartment building under construction.

Electricians ran all cabling according to designed drawing.

Cabling was installed incorrectly in many spots.

The poor cabling would have resulted in ground faults or in-proper operation of the fire alarm. Resulting in countless wasted man hours trouble-shooting the system.

*The site had already been given the green light to close the walls by the local AHJ. *

This is just a sample of our findings. The actual findings came in at 143 issues.

If these items would not have been found, the walls would have been closed. The owner would have had nothing but problems with this system from day 1.

Modern day Fire detection systems are very sensitive to ground faults. It can clearly affect the system. Anyone whom has had dealings with ground fault problems are shaking their heads and the hair on their arms is standing on end, knowing how difficult it is to find the problem.

The costs to find and repair ground faults can be staggering:

Technician time

Re-running of wires

Drywall Patching


System re-certification

False alarm fines

A simple quality assurance inspection would save much anguish and costs on the back end.

Call today to schedule a inspection today. As a third party inspector we represent your interests and nothing else.

Eric Jordan

EDJ Fire & Security LLC


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